Links of Interest

The following represent informative or particularly eloquent voices on the internet, chosen by personal/professional preference and according to no
particular content area parameters. Every horse blogger has links to the standard sites (you can find a link to John Lyons’ site anyplace–there’s no need
for me to repeat the process here). I’ve added the blogs I read as often as I can but not as often as I’d like, and sites that give background on
philosophies I especially admire. If you feel you’ve been inadvertently omitted, please contact me.
The Horses at Alderlore
Camera Obscura
Cheval Savoir
Changing the World One TTouch At A Time
Cloud Nine Saddle Pads
Confessions of a Struggling Dressage Rider
Dr. Gerd Heuschmann
Dressage Disgrace
Equine Ink
Equine Products Review
Equine Studies Institute, Dr. Deb Bennett
Ethical Horsemanship
From the Horse’s Back
Glenshee Equestrian Centre
Global Horse Culture
Grey Horse Matters
Halt At X
Halt Near X
Horse And Rider Books
Horse of Course
Horses for Clean Water
Manolo Mendez Classical Dressage
I Feel Good, My Horses Feel Good
I Take the Vow
International Fund for Horses
Kraften Fra Hestene
RIDE Equestrian Dance Theater
Sage By Nature
Skoog Farm Journal
Stale Cheerios
Tellington TTouch Training
The Barb Wire
Topline Ink Equestrian Journal
The Jurga Report
The Literary Horse
The Worst Horse
The Metta Center
White Horse Pilgrim
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