Equine-Human Interspecies Art: “hyperpowerful, hypersensitive and hypernervous”

I found it at times, eerily beautiful, and sometimes just eery. Is this just the teenage girl’s dream gone to extreme madness or something far greater?
From the article:

Marion Laval-Jeantet has injected herself with horse blood plasma as part of an artistic project exploring trans-species relationships…As
part of the performance piece she also wore a set of stilts with hooves on the end to feel at one with the horse. She walked around with the
donor horse in a “communication ritual” before having her hybrid blood extracted and freeze-dried.
She explained to Centre Press that the whole process made her feel “hyperpowerful, hypersensitive and hypernervous.” She added: “I had
a feeling of being superhuman. I was not normal in my body. I had all of the emotions of a herbivore. I couldn’t sleep and I felt a little bit
like a horse.”