How Do I Keep My Chicken Coop Clean?

How Do I Keep My Chicken Coop Clean?

A house is a place where everyone seeks comfort and cleanliness, even the chickens and fowls.

Chickens are the birds, often taken as animals which are mainly used for food purposes since the wild chicken is too tedious to catch, many farmers have started domestication and rearing chickens and other types of poultry for food and poultry purposes.

Chickens and other poultry birds live in a chicken coop, which is like a box, designed to keep chickens.

What is a chicken coop?

How Do I Keep My Chicken Coop Clean?

A chicken coop or a hen house is a structure which is made to keep female chickens and other fowls safe there, it has a lay area made fluffy with hay to lay eggs and sit on them, another side is the perch area for the birds to sleep. The coop is an indoor area where chickens lay eggs and sleep and there surrounds fencing too, where chicken spends a majority of the day, feeding and playing with other chicken and fowls. The coop is meant to be wired and covered with a net, so that wind and sunlight can enter but no other danger, like cats or other dangerous animals or elements which can pose danger to the fowl or poultry.

How can I keep my chicken coop clean?

How Do I Keep My Chicken Coop Clean?

Houses are meant to give you comfort and a sense of cleanliness where you can get a healthy feeling. Since chickens and other poultry animals are used for food purposes, it is very important to keep a check on their health. So it is important to maintain cleanliness in their house as well. There are many ways to keep the chicken coop clean. Let’s list a few of them down:

Shoes: if you maintain a chicken coop in your premises, you need to forget the shoes when entering their coop, as shoes go everywhere with you and get lots of dirt and infectious rubbish which can affect the health of chicken in a bad way, resulting in bird flu or any other disease that can kill the whole poultry in one go, it is better to take prevention then finding a cure for it. So, never wear shoes while going into the chicken coop.

Along with removing shoes, you can take one extra precaution by cleaning your hands and feet as well, since they too can have lots of germs and bad bacteria to infect chickens’ health in a bad way. So cleaning beforehand would be way better than giving bad poultry.


Always shovel and clean the dirt and excrete out of the coop. As chickens are clumsy animals as well, it becomes important to clean their house and the feathers and dirt out of the house. A person maintaining the coops needs to broom and clean the coop from time to time to keep it clean from all the features, hay and dirt excreted out of the chicken coop.


Dry cleaning of the coop won’t do any good as the dirt and dust would pose a greater threat to the health of the chicken since hay would have dust and feces of the chicken as well, it needs to be cleaned and changed now and then. After shoveling off the dirt and parts, hose it off with water to set the dirt and dust in so that it doesn’t pose any potential danger to the poultry.


How Do I Keep My Chicken Coop Clean?

After cleaning and watering the soft dirt, you need to sweep off the extra water and it would make the coop area swampy and mushy and making the chicken dirty.


Spray white vinegar to remove any potential threat of disease or bacteria by using vinegar as a disinfectant for the coop. As poultry is very sensitive to the environment and is prone to diseases it is always better to disinfect the chicken coop every time you clean it to make sure that their health is intact which leads to the gold health for their eater as well.

Air dry:

After cleaning and washing the coop, it is necessary to dry the coop ad well. Using electrical dryer or vacuum dryer would give a powerful blow and an excessive amount of heat which can be dangerous, so it is better to open all the wired doors and windows of the coop to let the air and sunlight come in and dry the coop. Since sunlight act as a disinfectant as well, so it would be beneficial for both the owner (as he/ she would not have to spend extra on disinfectant) and poultry as sunlight is a source of energy and it’s all-natural and energetic.

Clean the extras:

If you have a coop, you would also have a feeder and water container for chicken as well, while cleaning the coop, do not forget to scrub and clean them as well. As the chicken gets its nutrition from those feeders and water containers, they need to be squeaky clean as well.


How Do I Keep My Chicken Coop Clean?

The bedding of the chicken is all hay and dry leaves, so why not show your poultry some love and make the bedding a little softer by adding some fresh leaves and shrubs nearby the area of laying eggs. Do not add fresh leaves on the egg-laying area as they make egg fall and break, but add some herbs and shrubs nearby the laying area to give a nice view to the chicken and the perch can be made of fresh shrubs.

Spray with love:

Chickens already stink a lot, and their coop too, so you can lessen that annoying stink by spraying it with some freshener which is not based on chemicals. The more natural way of adding an amount of fragrance to the coop is to place sweet-smelling flowers and shrubberies near the coop so that the coop can smell good too and chickens can have a nice little play area with the surrounding of flowers as well.

By these methods, you can become a good chicken coop host and show some love and care to your well-deserved poultry, so that they can be happy and healthy, for the future users too. You can find some of the best chicken coop on different online stores.